A Thank You Message: You’ve Been Good To Me…

I’ve always WONDERED why things are the way they are. Why certain people come and go in my life. Why certain opportunities arise and others fade away. Why life has so many twists and turns. Why sometimes I feel defeated, but then all of a sudden feel resilient and feel like I can get through anything. Why I was given certain talents and abilities but not others. Why certain memories stick with me and others don’t stick with me at all. Why I was made the person I am, and the list goes on…

Though I don’t know why, I do know I’m being guided… I envision my life as a roadmap and on this roadmap there are a bunch of roads and paths I can choose from. But I choose not to be the driver, rather the passenger. In the passenger seat I am holding a GPS, and on that GPS it shows every local road that I’m near, which gives me the option to choose from different routes that I can take as I move forward, but also features a “suggested routes” option, which gives me the best routes for my trip. But in this feature it does not guarantee that there will not be road bumps, constructions zones, accidents, bad weather, etc. When I zoom out from street view to sky view, I notice that each highlighted path keeps going and going. One thing I notice is that there are random landmarks titled “suggested rest areas” on each path that I can choose to take, which are used to reflect on how far along in the trip I have come, and where I am headed next. I soon realize that this GPS has no final destination and is titled “Journey.”

On this journey I face obstacles and challenges. I have to learn how to get through them and some are easier to get through than others. Along the way I am growing and learning, learning and growing. Oh and did I mention there is always a new obstacle or challenge waiting for me? As soon as I get through one, another arises, but the one before gets easier every time I face it. For the obstacles I don’t have the strength to get through on my own, I can look to my driver for help, guidance and support (are you getting it now?). This support allows me to get through any and all things. But it isn’t instant, it’s gradual and takes time. Even though I have this support, I still must do my part and contribute because that is the only way I will learn, develop and grow.

The trip isn’t always hard though. There are rewards along the way. The rewards have a wide range and it’s whatever I value or define as a reward. During this journey for me, a reward is anything that brings me joy, happiness, meaningfulness, progress, peace, purpose, and growth. One of the cool things about this trip is that literally anything can give me any of those things, but they all happen at completely random points and times of the trip. The driver always makes sure a reward is soon to come because He can see them before I can. He makes sure I’m taken care of throughout the trip, that I have all the tools I need to be successful and always by my side no matter what.

This is what God is in my life. The driver and the GPS. He already knows where I’m headed, when I don’t know myself. I look to him for guidance no matter what and always answers when I call. He’s never steered me wrong and has always leads me into the right direction even when I feel lost. I now understand why certain things are the way they are. Why I am who I am. Why opportunities and challenges arise in my life the way they do. Why timing is everything. Why people come and go… I could go on and on… Having a relationship with God is the most important thing to me in life. He has done so much for me and I have no one else but Him to thank. Even though my life isn’t perfect, He has allowed me to see what life is all about. For what it is. Life is a purposeful roadmap and you grow along the way through experiences that turn into lessons that you can learn from. Whatever I feel in my heart, is the direction that I know He wants to me take. If it doesn’t feel right, I know that direction or path isn’t for me… Thank you for teaching me that. Thank you for giving me the courage and strength to keep going and providing everything you know I need, because now I UNDERSTAND why. Thank you. I don’t know where I would be without you. Father, do you hear me?

You’ve been good to me.


– Brandon H.






8 thoughts on “A Thank You Message: You’ve Been Good To Me…

  1. I have often thought of the GPS metaphor with God leading our lives, and I really like how you illustrated that. Often times in my life, I have still tried to choose my own way and go down paths I think are better- which often ends up with me begging God to take me back to His path for me. Fortunately we have a God who continuously says “Recalculating route” as we fumble our way through this life and try to take control of the steering wheel. It sounds like you have been much more at peace with being in the passenger seat than I have been. For a long time I was all about taking the wheel! God is good and patient and always has our best interest and kingdom interest in mind. Great work!

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  2. The joy of life IS God and our relationship with Him. The fullness of joy depends on truly seeking Him in EVERY aspect of our lives, not just in crisis situations. The more we seek, follow, and allow Him to lead and guide the greater the joy, the better our lives lived. I see that you realize this and look at God all over you! So proud to watch you grow, Brandon. Much love, Baby!!

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