Let’s Be Clear…

Life is more than we think. It’s more than what appears to our own eyes because there are so many intangibles that make up life than just our flesh itself and what people see on the outside. People can’t see our hearts or our intentions (good or bad) and they can’t read our thoughts. Everyday I go through life on a mission. What mission am I on exactly? It depends. Each day I try to work on something different. I could be on a mission to be a better person, on a mission to make a difference, be helpful, kind, etc. The cool thing about this is that everyone everyone’s mission is different and we all have different things that we want to accomplish each day. Some people are on a mission to have a better day at work than they did yesterday, while others may be on a spiritual mission to find peace within. The fact of the matter is that no one can see who or what we are trying to become each and everyday because it’s impossible to label someone internally. You may know me or know of me, but do you REALLY know who I am?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we label people everyday (besides the obvious like gender, ethnicity, hair color, etc.). We may see someone on social media driving a brand new 2017 Audi A8 and automatically assume they’re rich or wealthy. But do we really know that for sure? For all we know they could be in major debt or broke. But they could also be what we assume them to be from the tangible things that we can see and make our assumptions from. Sure. We could also label or assume for someone to be dumb who gets terrible grades and bombs every test but does that mean we are right? For all we know they could be the smartest person in the room but they just don’t try at all, which makes it seem that way. This list could go on and on…

For me? Well that’s easy. People see height, they see a black man and they assume or label me as a basketball player. But what if I was tall and didn’t play basketball? What if I was shorter? How would people label or perceive me then? Yes I am tall, and yes I do happen to play basketball, but is this all I am? Of course not. Sometimes I feel like some people get caught up in the fact that I am tall and do in fact play basketball, but that’s where it may end for them. Some people may assume that basketball consumes my life and that’s all I know. Or others may assume that because I am a professional player, I am rich and live a lavish lifestyle (which I do not). Are these things true? Only the fact that I am a tall basketball player. In my mind I am so much more than a athlete and this is why I don’t let those tangible things define who I am as a person…

Every single day I try my best to be a better man than I was yesterday. It may sound cliche but it’s nothing but the truth. Mentally, I try go into everyday with a positive attitude in mind, no matter what may have happened the day prior. Spiritually, I try to be one with God and do right. Socially, I try to be nice to every single person I encounter and helpful when my help is needed. BUT even though most of these things are considered intangible, they can be expressed tangibly. For example, no one can read your mind, thoughts, or can really know your intentions, but what they can see is how that inner self is expressed externally. People can see when you’re doing right or wrong from the outside but does that define who you really are from the inside? I don’t believe so. Someone could act tough on the outside but internally they’re the nicest person. Or someone could claim they’re humble from the outside, but really be arrogant in the inside… Have you ever taken a personality test to find out “who you are” so that you could figure out the things that you’d be good at and when you saw the end results you thought, “that doesn’t describe me well” or “no that’s not me.” Maybe we answered the questions wrong, maybe not. The fact is that even computers can’t measure who we are internally because that’s only something that we can do personally even though that can be difficult as well.

We judge others on what we see on the outside, but ask yourself, do those outside things define that person? Do they define you? Someone may see me working on my basketball skills out in public and might assume I play in the NBA and make a lot of money just because they saw me working on my tangible crafts. But does that mean those tangible things define me and are true about me? Absolutely not… I’ll put it this way, someone could own the biggest house, or own the most expensive car, or make the most money but that doesn’t define them. Those are just things that can be taken away at any given moment. But guess what can’t be taken away? Your character, your motives, how you treat people etc. My ultimate goal while I am living on this earth is to make an impact, whether it be in someone’s personal life, the community, etc. But how do I get to that point? My personal answer to that question would be that it starts with myself. I have to better the things that people can’t see in myself that only I can. The internal things that I feel most strongly about are the things that I need to/should improve on. Everyday we are improving on our outer tangible self (looks, body, owning the latest things, etc.), but are we improving on our inner intangible self (mentally, spiritually, intellectually, character, etc.)? See there is a LIMIT on how much you can improve on your tangibles, but there is UNLIMITED room for internal/intangible improvements! It doesn’t matter how others perceive you from the outside, the only thing that matters is how you perceive yourself from within. But we must also be realistic with that as well. There’s a difference between knowing who you are and denying who you are. We must actually look ourselves in the mirror and realize that. Sometimes it may take a while to realize who we really are but that’s okay because as long as we are working on bettering ourselves as people that’s all that matters…

So let’s be clear. Yes I do play basketball, yes I do love basketball, yes I am tall, and yes I am a black man, but NONE of those things define who I am. I am much more than all three of those things and I am no better than the next man just like no other man is above me. What defines me is my character, how in tuned I am spiritually, mentally and how much of an impact I want to make in this world. I know the person I am today and the person I am working to become in the future and as long as my intangibles are all in line, then I can live with myself. I am more than just a basketball player…

I encourage all of us to think about if someone has ever labeled us before and do those labels define us as people? If not, what intangibles things define you as a person? Are you working to improve more on your tangibles or intangibles? Are you content where you are? Do you want more for yourself (not talking materialistically)? How do you want to leave your mark on this earth?

Remember, it doesn’t matter how others perceive you from the outside, it only matters how you perceive yourself from within. The intangibles matter too.


– Brandon H.




2 thoughts on “Let’s Be Clear…

  1. I can relate to this so much. This is a great message, very well needed and I commend you on informing people about how people like us feel about profiling/labeling a person on outside credentials instead of really getting to know a persons REAL goals/ambitions as a person on the making their mark on the world. This is a great blog cuzzo.

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