Keys To Being A Positive Light

Not only today, but everyday, I encourage you to be a light in this world. It’s easy to get sucked into the negativity this world can bring but we can offset that with positive actions and behaviors. When I started to think more positively, that’s when my life started to change. Below is a checklist of positive actions and behaviors. I encourage and challenge you to perform at least THREE positive acts a day. Whatever those three acts were that day, write them down and add them to your list for the week. At the end of the week I want you to tally them up and reflect on how each one made you feel.


I Challenge You:

To live more consciously

To forgive

To let off positive energy in a negative environment

To give a random person a compliment

To show you support someone close to you

To not gossip

To spend $10 less than you did yesterday

To to learn about another culture

To embrace someone who doesn’t look like you or who doesn’t have the same skin tone as you

To think highly of yourself

To speak highly of someone else

To help someone today

To uplift a friend, family member or stranger

To improve on one or two weakness(es)

To start working towards a dream or goal you said you were going to start working on yesterday

To have an open mind

To embrace the challenges

To stay optimistic

To make someone laugh

To motivate/inspire someone

To show love

To share something valuable

To encourage your brother(s) or sister(s) – blood or not

To pray for someone



To be better than you were yesterday


It’s all about UNITY, PEACE and PROGRESS. The positivity will never end if you never allow it to! Stay blessed.


– Brandon Holcomb




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