Please, Share The Wealth!

Tell me, what is the use of keeping the good stuff in for ourselves? No I’m not talking about objects or tangible things… I’m talking about what is in our brains. I’m talking intellectual. Our knowledge. What benefit(s) do we gain from that? A leg up on another man, brother, sister, family member, friend, etc.? Is that the only thing we gain?… Maybe. Think about it, how selfish is it of us to hold onto valuable and useful information? I believe it’s very selfish. No one man knows everything, I don’t care how smart someone may be. WE don’t know everything. People learn new things everyday, but imagine a world where EVERYONE shared something!

Have you ever thought about a topic or important area in life that no one ever sat down and talked to you about? Maybe they thought you weren’t old enough to learn about it? Maybe they were unknowledgeable themselves? Or maybe they just didn’t talk about it unintentionally?  The point is that you never learned it until the moment you had to go through it. And that’s ok, because a lot of times we learn from our own experiences. But imagine if everyone shared one important thing that they learned a week with someone else? Making that person that much more aware of that topic. You know how powerful that would be?

Let me ask you this… What comes to mind when you think of the word “blessing“? What does being a blessing to someone mean to you? By definition, a blessing means “God’s favor and protection.” the word favor means “demonstrated delight.”  As humans, we tend to favor or demonstrate delight in those who favor us. So imagine if we poured what we learned into someone else’s brain to learn, and did it genuinely? Don’t you think that person would start to show favor in you and would want to be around you to learn more? I think your chances are pretty high.

When I think of the word “blessing” or “being a blessing” the phrase that comes to mind is “pour into.” We can be a blessing to someone else by pouring into them OR we can be blessed by being poured into by someone else. A perfect example of this is how God blesses our lives. When He blesses us, He pours whatever He feels we deserve into our lives. The more we favor Him, the more he pours into us and the more blessings we receive. God gave all of us the ability to pour into and be a blessing to someone else. What we pour out, will eventually come back to us!

When I went to church this past weekend, the pastor touched on a good point that really stuck with me. He said “If you had the cure to cancer right now, would you keep that information in for yourself? Or would you share it with the entire world? How selfish would that be of someone to go to their grave with the cure knowing that they could have saved millions of lives, but decided not to share it? That wouldn’t help anyone at all…” And he’s exactly right. Who benefits when a breakthrough is discovered and not shared? There are so many things that I wish people would just share for free and out of the goodness of their hearts and souls rather than sharing valuable information for a price (money). You know how much of a blessing we could be in someone’s life? There doesn’t have to be a price tag on sharing knowledge. The only price tag that there should be is the time taken out of your day(s) in order to spread that information. There is always a reward that comes out of it and one of those rewards is someone else learning from what you just taught or shared with them so that they can share it with someone else.

If anything, think about our youth, the next generation. Think about the kids who don’t have the resources that you may have available to you and think about what difference you can make it that person’s life. I think about that often. I think about ways in which I can influence the next generation. I think about what I’ve learned from someone that I can teach someone else and also things that I’ve learned on my own that I can share with another person. The cycle never ends, and it should never end. That’s the great thing about it all, you can do it at any time and any place. It’s mentorship, and we can be a mentor to each other.

We owe it to someone to share the importance of financial literacy and building long term wealth for their families, and their families, families. We owe it to someone to share the word of God (if that’s what you believe in). We owe it to someone to share our success stories. We owe it to someone to share our failures. We owe it to someone to share a book to read. We just owe it to someone else other than ourselves.

So I challenge you to share something today. Share your testimony, share a book, share advice, just share anything that is of value and that will shine a light in someone else’s life. And hold yourself accountable. At the end of each day ask yourself, “did I share something of value today?” It’s either going to be yes or no. If not, what stopped you from not sharing anything? If so, who else can you reach? There’s nothing wrong with withdrawing information from our own brains for the world to know… FOR FREE… We must build our own wealth (knowledge), THEN SHARE IT! We owe it to someone.

I don’t care how and how often you do it, but whatever you do… Please, share the wealth!


– Brandon Holcomb



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