Houston Tribute: I’m Better Than No Man

When I say this I mean it. I'm really no better than you or the next man. I just go about my life differently. I have a different path just like you have a different path as well. God has a plan for each and every one of us, but how do we know which path is better? We don't. Everyone has their own navigation system and God knows everything that each person needs and where each person is going. He knows all of the storms we will encounter and all the fruit we will receive. Does that make you or him or her better? Of course not. If anything, your character is what's most important. How you act towards others, both out in public and in the privacy of your home(s). That stays with us no matter where we go. But our lifestyle? That comes and goes. You can be rich or wealthy one day and broke the next.

Many things can be taken away from us in the blink of an eye… You know how many lives have change because of Hurricane Harvey? Do you know all the tangible things that were taken away from those people? Houses, cars, clothes etc. Fortunately, all things that can be replaced. Does that make either of us better than those people? Because at this moment we might have more than they have? Absolutely not. I've seen videos of people remaining positive, THANKING GOD, helping others, helping their neighbor and doing anything they can to make light of the situation. I'm sure a lot of people have broken down into tears and hurt and we are praying for those people, but it's enlightening to see those who are remaining positive and being what this world needs. Doing everything that they can to get through the situation because they know that this is only temporary. That the storm won't last forever because God said it won't. Will they have to rebuild the city, houses etc.? Sure. But guess what? They have their character(s) that will come with them wherever they go. That's what makes you a good person! Just because you live a certain way (or portray you live a certain way) doesn't mean anything! Your skin color doesn't mean anything. Your job title doesn't mean anything. Those things don't make you better than anyone in this world. But your character? That means everything.

I've seen many people bash praying but they fail to realize how POWERFUL prayer is!

I know this is a difficult time for a lot of families both in Houston and all over the nation so I encourage everyone to find a way to help out the best way they can. Whether it be through prayer, donation, providing housing (if possible), or physically helping those in Houston and in surrounding cities (if possible). Just find a way to be a light! Nothing but prayers going out to everyone and their families who were affected. We are all with you.

I am better than no man.

– Brandon Holcomb

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