Your Situation Can’t Bring You Down!

Right now there are things about our situation(s) that we may not like. Our situation may not be the best right now and it may not be fulfilling at this moment, but that doesn’t mean we can never change our situation ever. Sometimes enduring the pain and the hardships in the present is the best thing for us in the future because it can open up a new door for us and allow us to see what more life has for us.

In these past few months I’ve learned that I can’t let my current situation deter me or break me down. I can’t let it control my happiness and I definitely can’t give that control to another human being. Life is literally how we go about it. We can choose to go about it with optimism and hope or we can go about it complaining and doubtful (but where has that gotten anyone?). My mom said it best, “Your current situation may not be the most ideal now, but if the end is near, finish what you started and then assess what’s next afterwards. What you’re experiencing now is temporary…”

Life is too short not to enjoy no matter your situation. No one else has control on how you go about your everyday but YOU. You control how hard you work. You control how you’re going to tackle each hurdle. You control how happy you are, even when your situation itself doesn’t bring you that joy and happiness you’re looking for. We must find other aspects of life to enjoy and focus on that rather than think heavily about the negative because guess what? Every situation, no matter what it is, is TEMPORARY and will only allow us to grow as individuals. We can’t quit the fight, we must finish it.

Envision this:

Our situation(s) are not walls, there is no dead end. Our situation(s) are rather stepping stools to get us to our next chapter, page, etc. Every time we take a step up, we grow. Each chapter defines our growth, what we went through previously and where we are currently. In every chapter there will always be obstacles but we can’t quit just because we see one. Our only mentality should be to overcome because we are trying to go up. We are trying to get to that next chapter.

Don’t let your current situation keep you from going up! You control it, don’t let it control you!

All love,

– Brandon Holcomb


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