Based on self empowerment, self growth and breaking through personal barriers, The Breakthrough Official is a global brand that inspires to help and impact everyday people overcome, appreciate and embrace everyday struggles, because it’s what makes us who we are!

This is the foundation of our culture and the framework for what our brand represents:


Keep things real and genuine


Spread love and love what you do


Stay motivated


No situation can keep you down


Always look to improve and progress


Keep an open mind


We’re on this journey together


Inspired by everyday personal obstacles and challenges, The Breakthrough Official is dedicated to helping guide and motivate those who find value in our content. We want to achieve this by providing the best content possible through the work we have set to put out. We believe that everyone has barriers that have yet to be broken and we want to help people break through those barriers through a change of mindset and taking the appropriate steps to persevere through any and all situations.

About The Author/Founder

Brandon Holcomb is a professional athlete and writer who seeks to help and inspire people overcome any and all situations in life. His passion for helping others stems from personal battles and struggles he’s been through in his own life and overcoming things he never thought was possible. He values in not only sharing his own experiences, but listening to those who share their own as well.