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Please, Share The Wealth!

Tell me, what is the use of keeping the good stuff in for ourselves? No I'm not talking about objects or tangible things... I'm talking about what is in our brains. I'm talking intellectual. Our knowledge. What benefit(s) do we gain from that? A leg up on another man, brother, sister, family member, friend, etc.?... Continue Reading →

Keys To Being A Positive Light

Not only today, but everyday, I encourage you to be a light in this world. It's easy to get sucked into the negativity this world can bring but we can offset that with positive actions and behaviors. When I started to think more positively, that's when my life started to change. Below is a checklist... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Stop Me

I would be lying if I told you that my entire life I have been confident. That I have always known. That I have never felt held back.  That I have always been fearless. That I have always been a positive person... Because in reality that is far from the truth. Wait... actually it is... Continue Reading →

Let’s Be Clear…

Life is more than we think. It's more than what appears to our own eyes because there are so many intangibles that make up life than just our flesh itself and what people see on the outside. People can't see our hearts or our intentions (good or bad) and they can't read our thoughts. Everyday... Continue Reading →

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